Only One Exercise Per Day and Your Memory Will Be New! Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Prevented!

One of the most degenerative diseases in the world is Alzheimer’s. There is no specific population for memory loss. However, memory loss can be prevented by many alternatives such as good diet, daily exercises etc.

You should actually perform mental exercises such as chess, cards, dominoes and Sudoku in order to improve your mental health.

Despite these powerful techniques, you should also perform the following exercises, for best and optimal results.

Lie down on the bed, close the eyes and try to remember everything you did during the day. Memorize the places you went, songs you heard, people you spoke with and what you ate. Organize it according to the time it happened since you have each scene embodied in your mind.

You will notice how your brain starts working to remember all these moments while doing this activity. It will be difficult for those memories to be lost over time because your neurons are getting faster. Perform this amazing technique every day before go to sleep.

Making a kind of diary is another is another way that will help you improve your memory.

There are also other methods that can prevent this degenerative issue. As we already mentioned above, you should also change your diet. Avoiding foods rich in too much fat, sugar, and artificial sweeteners and any chemical that not only harm your body, but your overall health as well.

Foods rich in Vitamin E are ideal for this disease. Broccoli, essential oils, spinach, sunflower seeds and nuts are full of this antioxidant.

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